Match To Flame [Gauntlet Press, 2007]

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[No Image]  2007 Match To Flame Gauntlet Press BINDING: / PAGES: / PRICE: / COVER ART BY: 1st Edition

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1 Foreword foreword by Ray Bradbury
2 Introduction introduction Richard Matheson
3 Historical and Critical Introduction introduction by William Touponce
4 Reincarnate
5 Pillar of Fire
6 Library, The
7 Bright Phoenix
8 Tiger Tiger, Burning Bright* facsimile of an eary draft of "Bright Phoenix"
9 Mad Wizards of Mars, The
10 Carnival of Madness
11 Mechanical Hound*, The facsimile fragment
12 Bonfire, The
13 Bonfire*, The facsimile of first draft
14 Cricket On the Hearth
15 Cricket On the Hearth* facsimile
16 Bradbury's 1st Published Article: Blue and White Daily, 1938
17 Pedestrian, The
18 Garbage Collector, The
19 Smile, The
20 When Ignorant Armies Clash hitherto unpublished novella
21 Long After Midnight (2) hitherto unpublished novella
22 Fireman, The