Masks [Gauntlet, 2008]

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1 preface by Ray Bradbury
2 Introduction by William F. Touponce
3 Foreword by Jon Eller
4 Mask Beneath the Mask Beneath the Mask*, The
5 Masks*, The Unfinished Novel
6 Mask Beneath the Mask*, The fragments in facsimile
7 Guggenheim Application* in facsimile
8 Copyright Registration by Donn Albright
9 (Short Stories)
10 Notes by Donn Albright
11 Face of Natalie, The
12 They Never Got Mad
13 Drothldo, The
14 In the Eye of the Beholder
15 Walker in the Night, The
16 Gallagher the Great
17 Doll, The printed in facsimile