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This is the first page of the original typed copy. I have only the first page. The date of the newspaper story has an interesting history. When THE SEESAW, original version of this story, appeared in July 1941 issue of Astounding Science Ficton, it was June 11, 1941. When the story was anthologized in BEYOND TIME AND SPACE (Pellegrini & Cudahy, 1950), it was June 16, 1947 and the text of the paragraph was somewhat changed. When it was used as the first part of THE WEAPON SHOPS OF ISHER published by Greenberg in 1951, the date was changed to June 11, 1951 and the original text was restored. All subsequent editions (except UK Nova edition which was June 11, 1955) adopted this June 11, 1951 date. The date on this manuscript, June 11, 1947, differs from any other published texts. Judging from the writing on the manuscript, my guess is that this was prepared for the Greenberg edition, but I am not so sure.