Vogt Home



I acquired this from a dealer who was handling the estate of van Vogt. The copy is in poor condition due to a fire "which at one time damaged most of Van Vogt's library" according to the dealer. The second image shows front free end paper. There is a sign by the original owner just under van Vogt's. I can't make out the name but it may be "H. D. Creer". There is also a small label of a Vancouver book store on rear paste-down. Several pages have sidelined in ink and pencil. These lines were undoubtedly marked by van Vogt, as some of the marked paragraphs were adopted as quotations that was used as chapter headings for THE WORLD OF NULL-A. These are shown in the images.

This is the 3rd printing of the first edition. First edition was published in 1933, and second in 1941. In an interview conducted by H. L . DRAKE, van Vogt said "When I was living in Canada I met a man from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation who loaned me Korzybski's book, Science And Sanity". I believe this is the book.