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Year Title Publisher Note
1998 Ahmed and the Oblivion Machines Avon 1st Edition
1963 Anthem Sprinters and Other Antics, The Dial Press 1st Edition
1987 April Witch, The Creative Education
1979 Aqueduct, The Roy A. Squires
1969 Bloch and Bradbury Tower
2003 Bradbury Stories: 100 of His Most Celebrated Tales William Morrow
2004 Cat's Pajamas, The William Morrow 1st Edition
2005 Cat's Pajamas: Stories + 5, The Hill House
1990 Classic Stories Volume One Bantam Spectra
1990 Classic Stories Volume Two Bantam Spectra
1957 Dandelion Wine Doubleday 1st Edition
1988 Dandelion Wine Dramatic Publishing
1947 Dark Carnival Arkham House 1st Edition
1948 Dark Carnival Hamish Hamilton (UK) 1st UK edition
2001 Dark Carnival Gauntlet Press
1991 Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed Signal Hill Publications
1959 Day It Rained Forever, The Rupert Hart-Davis (UK) 1st UK edition of "A Medicine for Melancholy"
1990 Day It Rained Forever, The Dramatic Publishing
1966 Day It Rained Forever: A Comedy in One Act, The Samuel French
1985 Death is a Lonely Business Knopf 1st Edition
1986 Device Out of Time, A Dramatic Publishing
1983 Dinosaur Tales Bantam 1st Edition
2007 Dragon Who Ate His Tail, The Gauntlet Press
1988 Dragon, The Footsteps Press
1997 Driving Blind Avon 1st Edition
1953 Fahrenheit 451 Ballantine Books 1st hardcover edition. Includes "The Playground" and "And the Rock Cried Out".
1954 Fahrenheit 451 Rupert Hart-Davis 1st UK editipon. The Novel only. Omits "The Playground" and "And the Rock Cried Out" in the 1st US edition.
1986 Fahrenheit 451 Dramatic Publishing
1989 Falling Upward Dramatic Publishing
2006 Farewell Summer William Morrow 1st Edition
1987 Fever Dream St. Martin's
1986 Flying Machine, The Dramatic Publishing
1987 Fog Horn, The Creative Education
2005 Forever and the Earth PS Publishing 1st Edition; only available as part of three-volume box-set with "R is for Rocket" and "S is for Space"
1984 Forever and the Earth Croissant Press
2005 Fragments! Gauntlet Press
2001 From the Dust Returned William Morrow
2007 Futuria Fantasia Graham Publishing
1981 Ghosts of Forever, The Rizzoli
2008 Golden Apples of the Sun, The Subterranean Press
1953 Golden Apples of the Sun, The Doubleday 1st Edition
1953 Golden Apples of the Sun, The Rupert Hart-Davis (UK) 1st UK Edition
1990 Graveyard for Lunatics, A Knopf 1st Edition
1992 Green Shadows, White Whale Turner 1st Edition
1972 Halloween Tree, The Knopf 1st Edition
2005 Halloween Tree, The Gauntlet Press
1969 I Sing the Body Electric! Knopf 1st Edition
1951 Illustrated Man, The Doubleday 1st Edition
1952 Illustrated Man, The Rupert Hart-Davis (UK) 1st UK edition
1996 Illustrated Man, The Gauntlet Press Not on Eller
2003 Is That You, Herb? Gauntlet Press Not on Eller
2004 It Came From Outer Space Gauntlet Press 1st Edition
1986 Kaleidoscope Dramatic Publishing
1980 Last Circus and the Electrocution, The Lord John Press
2002 Let's All Kill Constance William Morrow
2007 Leviathan '99 Easton Press 1st separate edition
1976 Long After Midnight Knopf 1st Edition
1982 Love Affair, The Lord John Press
1964 Machineries of Joy, The Simon & Schuster 1st Edition
1964 Machineries of Joy, The Rupert Hart-Davis 1st UK Edition
1950 Martian Chronicles , The Doubleday 1st hardcover edition. 6 printings through November 1952.
1963 Martian Chronicles, The Time Inc. "Complete" Edition
1990 Martian Chronicles, The Doubleday 40th Anniversary Edition
1997 Martian Chronicles, The Avon
2008 Masks Gauntlet
2007 Match To Flame Gauntlet Press 1st Edition
1959 Medicine for Melancholy, A Doubleday 1st Edition
1984 Memory of Murder, A Dell 1st Edition
2008 Moby Dick: A Screenplay Subterranean Press
1978 Mummies of Guanajuato, The Abrams
2007 Now and Forever William Morrow 1st Edition
1955 October Country , The Ballantine Books 1st hardcover edition
1961 October Country , The Ace UK Omits seven stories from the Ballantine edition and adds The Traveller
2002 One More For the Road William Morrow
1982 Other Foot, The Perfection Form
1987 Other Foot, The Creative Education
1990 Parrot Who Met Papa, The Pretentious Press
1964 Pedestrian, The Roy A. Squires
1966 Pedestrian: A Fantasy in One Act, The Samuel French
1975 Pillar of Fire and Other Plays Bantam 1st Edition
1996 Quicker Than The Eye Avon 1st Edition
1962 R Is For Rocket Doubleday 1st Edition
2005 R Is For Rocket PS Publishing
1975 Ray Bradbury Harrap (UK)
2001 Ray Bradbury Collected Short Stories Peterson Publishing Not on Eller
1991 Ray Bradbury On Stage Donald I. Fine
1966 S Is For Space Doubleday 1st Edition
2005 S Is For Space PS Publishing
1951 Silver Locusts , The Hart-Davis 1st UK edition. Textual differences from the US edition, "The Martian Chrpnicles", adds The Fire Balloons and deletes Usher II.
2008 Skeletons Subterranean Press
1962 Small Assassin, The Ace Books (UK)
1991 Smile, The Creative Education
1962 Something Wicked This Way Comes Simon & Schuster 1st Edition
2007 Somewhere a Band Is Playing Gauntlet Press 1st Edition
2005 Sound of Thunder and Other Stories, A Perennial (Harper-Collins)
1980 Stories of Ray Bradbury, The Knopf 1st Edition
2007 Summer Morning, Summer Night PS Publishing 1st Edition; only available as part of deluxe slipcased edition of "Dandelion Wine 50th Anniversary Edition"
1957 Sun and Shadow Quenian Press
1955 Switch On the Night Pantheon 1st Edition
1989 There Will Come Soft Rains Perfection Form
2001 Time Intervening Gauntlet Press Not on Eller
1979 To Sing Strange Songs Wheaton (UK)
1988 To the Chicago Abyss Dramatic Publishing
1988 Toynbee Convector, The Knopf 1st Edition
1966 Twice 22 Doubleday combined edition of "The Golden Apples of the Sun" and "A Medicine for Melancholy"
1982 Veldt, The Perfection Form
1987 Veldt, The Creative Education
1988 Veldt, The Dramatic Publishing
1964 Vintage Bradbury, The Vintage Books 1st Edition
2009 We'll Always Have Paris Harper-Collins
1985 Wonderful Death of Dudley Stone, The privately printed
1972 Wonderful Ice Cream Suit and Other Plays, The Bantam 1st Edition
1986 Wonderful Ice Cream Suit, The Dramatic Publishing